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EAS Detection Systems

Sensormatic EAS systems use one or more pedestals or antennas configured to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes. Pedestals can provide visible deterrence while concealed systems offer more discreet protection for upscale retail environments.

Our premier acousto-magnetic anti-theft technology offers:

  • False alarm immunity to prevent customer embarrassment
  • High detection rate to protect all kinds of goods from theft
  • Wide-exit coverage offers greater flexibility for entrance/exit layouts
  • Wide range of attractive designs complement any store décor
  • Sophisticated digital controller technology for optimum system performance

Available in a wide range of designs to suit detection coverage, store aesthetics and regulatory requirements.

Concealed Systems
Hidden detection systems offering more discreet protection for upscale retail environments.

Discreet Systems
An acousto-magnetic detection system maintaining the visual deterrent of traditional pedestal systems, however aesthetically appealing for upscale retail environments.

Auxiliary Antennas
Extend the performance of acousto-magnetic detection systems with small, lightweight antennas. Easy to install, they operate off the same power supply as the detectors.

Detection Controllers
A variety of controllers optimized and matched to power specific Sensormatic pedestal systems.

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