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Hard Tag Detachers

Powered or manual, our detachers are sturdy, reliable, easy to use and can be mounted in a variety of ways for tremendous user flexibility. As added protection from unauthorized use, two of our detacher models have EAS labels built inside to alert store management if they are removed from the store.

AMD-3040 Hand-Held Detacher
Lightweight manual unit with ambidextrous design for SuperTag removal.
MK75IZA Hand Detacher with Boot Deactivator
Combination unit adds boot deactivator to detacher.
MK75I Hand Detacher
Manually removes Ultra*Gator and similar tags; contains an EAS label inside to prevent its theft.
AMD-1000 Detacher
Decouples magnetic clutch hard tags and can be mounted on countertop or recessed.
MKD-400 Detacher
Single detaching solution for the Ultra•Tag® platform which can be mounted directly on or recessed into the POS countertop.
AMK 4200/4300 Detacher
The AMK-4200/4300 combines the unlocking strength of the magnetic decoupler with the power detaching capabilities of the AMK-1000/1010.
AMK 1000/1010 Detacher
Hard tag power detaching capabilities with an added communication port.
AMK-4100 Decoupler
The AMK-4100 decoupler is an ideal solution for removing the Ultra•Tag product from large or heavy merchandise that cannot be placed on the point-of-sale counter.
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