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Sensormatic Ultra•Strip® EAS labels are designed to provide the highest level of anti-shoplifting protection in the smallest label size possible. Ultra•Strip labels are popular with both retailers and source tagging manufacturers/distributors, and are available in sheet or roll formats for either manual or automatic, high-speed application. In addition to typical label requirements, Sensormatic also offers specialty label products for markets such as Food & Drug, Multi-media, and others.

Ultra•Strip® III
The most popular Ultra·Strip® label. Available in rolls and sheets for source tagging or retail application.
Ultra•Strip® III Insertable
The Ultra·Strip® III Insertable Label is specially designed to be inserted in a CD jewel case or other plastic wrapped boxes.
Ultra•Strip® III Microwavable
Designed to protect products that are placed in microwave ovens.
Ultra•Strip® III Individual Label
For permanent placement inside product.
Ultra•Strip® III Low Profile
Designed for use inside CD jewel cases.
Ultra•Strip® III Hang Tag
Designed for jewelry, small leather goods, soft home items, sunglasses and more.
Non-Deactivatable Label
Ultra•Max anti-theft technology in a non-deactivatable format within a label footprint.
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