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 Global Source Tagging
Manufacturers - How To Get Started

Whether you are just getting started or currently source tagging, Sensormatic® is committed to working closely with you to help you meet your tagging goals.

Manufacturers Benefits with Source Tagging:

  • Smallest label foot print of any EAS label
  • Multiple label formats and application solutions
  • Ensures consistent label placement - Will not cover important dosage information
  • Reduces out of stocks and improves customer loyalty
  • Protects brand image
  • Maintains open sell and improves reorder rate
  • Certification Labs around the world ensure proper label placement and timely turnaround
  • Helps keep your product on the shelf for purchase instead of being stolen
  • Can protect your inventory in your facility

Getting Started

  1. Work with your Merchant or Buyer to determine the high shrink items that should be source tagged

  2. Submit your product(s) along with a completed Product Submission Form (PSF) to Sensormatic’s Source Tagging Lab for product certification. There are three source tag phases. The appropriate phase for your product is determined during the certification process:

    Phase Three
    Source Integration
    The label is actually “integrated” or placed inside the product and generally remains as a permanent part of that item. Phase III provides the maximum protection against shoplifting and is preferred by most retailers.
    Phase Two
    Internal source tagging
    The label is applied inside of the product packaging and is the most conventional solution when “source integration” is not possible.
    Phase One
    Topical source tagging
    The label is applied to the outside of the product package. Phase I is an exception in most cases and is identified for large items ONLY. This level must be approved by the retailer before implementation.

  3. Contact Sensormatic for assistance with the certification process, ordering Ultra•Strip®III labels or any source tagging related questions.

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