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 Sensormatic® Solutions

For more than 40 years, the retail industry has known the Sensormatic brand for delivering the highest level of protection for merchandise and assets. In fact, most of the world's top retailers rely on Sensormatic solutions to reduce their shrink and increase their profitability. And with relentless innovation behind those solutions, the Sensormatic brand continues to lead the market and drive it forward.


Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Sensormatic EAS solutions help retailers boost their sales and profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities and reducing theft. EAS delivers superb detection and deactivation performance, durability, ease-of-use and aesthetics. As systems, they combine a range of components (hard tags or labels, deactivators, detachers and detector antennas) using our renowned Ultra•Max® acousto-magnetic technology. It's the loss prevention choice of the world's largest retailers.


Global Source Tagging
Every day, manufacturers and packaging companies apply AcoustoMagnetic EAS labels to millions of products worldwide. The process of Source Tagging allows for greater supply chain efficiencies, increased sales, reduced shrink and higher profitability for both the retailer and the manufacturer.


Traffic and EAS Intelligence
Our Storefront Solutions provides SmartEAS® products that help retailers integrate their EAS, people-counting, video and point-of-sale (POS) systems into their IT networks. This approach allows retailers to collect data across stores in a centralized location. With data merged and analyzed, retailers get valuable performance reports on their stores, enabling management to take action quickly if needed. The Enterprise Solution provides innovative software solutions as well as superior technical and consulting services for the retail industry; navigating retailers to higher profits.


Inventory Intelligence
As a leading industry provider of integrated retail solutions - from Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), item level source tagging, store data analytics and item-level intelligence (ILI) / radio frequency identification (RFID) - Sensormatic protects billions of in-store items. Traditionally a loss prevention company, Sensormatic now helps retailers address their most significant form of loss - decreased sales due to inventory inaccuracies.

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