RFID for Loss Prevention
The Path to Smarter Loss Prevention with Item-Level Analytics
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  • Storefront Visibility

    Access improved insights into loss events at the Electronic Product Code (EPC) item level to know what went missing, from where, and when

  • On-Floor Visibility

    Gain an EPC item-level view into RFID-tagged merchandise availability to help reduce shrink in high-theft zones

  • Transaction Visibility

    Help combat sweethearting, return fraud and internal theft by tracking items at the point-of-sale

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See how Storefront Visibility can help you manage shrink and increase sales

How to Adopt RFID across Your Retail Enterprise:

Loss Prevention

You can also adopt RFID as your EAS technology for merchandise protection against shrink. Solutions are available in a variety of designs to fit any store environment and can be used independently or integrate with points-of-sale and grow as RFID use cases extend across the enterprise.

Storefront with overhead detection
Woman exiting store through detection pedestals

Inventory Intelligence

Improving inventory accuracy and merchandise availability is essential to sales uplift and a memorable customer experience. With analytics from TrueVue and RFID-based EAS systems, you gain a comprehensive view of what is going on both in-store and enterprise-wide for faster replenishment, fewer markdowns and out-of-stocks, and improved on-shelf availability.

Key Components to Maximizing Shrink Visibility with RFID

  • Tags & Detachers

    AM/RFID tags harness EPC item-level data that can be used to generate real-time shrink analytics and insights.

  • RFID Detection System

    RFID-enabled detection systems capture EPC item-level data helping optimize loss prevention actions, store performance and profitability.

  • Analytics Platform

    We offer retailers enterprise-wide visibility for real-time, actionable insights and predictive analytics into shrink, inventory and additional critical store metrics.

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