Technical Terms

Sensormatic Contracting

Purchasing Sensormatic products and services is simple.  When you submit an order for software, for example, Sensormatic’s standard Customer Terms, including any applicable software licensing terms or professional services terms, apply to the order.

The contract is comprised of the following components:

  1. Order Form

    Your order form contains the commercial terms about the system you are buying, such as identifying the licensed software and any equipment, project scope, duration, quantity, price, and payment frequency. Your order form may be directly between you and Sensormatic, or may be between you and a Sensormatic reseller.

  2. Customer Agreement Terms

    If you are purchasing directly from Sensormatic, such direct purchasing terms are contained in the Customer Terms Agreement presented below:

    Customer Terms

  3. Professional Services Agreement

    Sensormatic’s provision of non hosted services (such as implementation, configuration, professional, consulting, integration, installation, commissioning or other services) is governed by the terms of the Master Services Agreement presented below:

    Master Services Agreement

  4. Purchases Through Third Parties

    If you are purchasing from a reseller, the reseller may provide you with equipment or professional services under a separate agreement with the reseller.

  5. License Terms

    Whether purchased through a reseller or directly, the End User License Agreement (EULA, for on premise software) and Terms of Service (TOS, for SaaS) linked below contain the legal terms applicable to your use of any Sensormatic (including ShopperTrak and TrueVUE) software solutions:

    End User License Agreement (EULA, on Premise)

    Terms of Service (TOS)(SaaS)

  6. Supplemental Terms

    Certain Sensormatic offerings may have additional terms that apply. These specific terms are set forth in the offer or order form itself, or they may be contained in supplemental terms located at in connection with a particular offering. In the event Sensormatic is providing fire, security or other alarm or other remote monitoring services under the Customer Proposal, such services are governed by additional Supplemental Terms. Customer understands that Sensormatic is not an insurer regarding those services, and that Sensormatic shall not be responsible for any damage or loss that may result from fire safety or security equipment that fails to prevent a casualty loss.

  7. Privacy

    Privacy is important to us. Sensormatic is committed to protecting personal information in accordance with fair information practices and applicable data privacy laws. Please see our Privacy homepage to access our Privacy Notice, Binding Corporate Rules and Data Processing Addendum.

  8. Related Documents and Policies

    Your use of the Sensormatic solution may also be subject to the following policies or related documents:

    TrueVUE Cloud Third Party Software


  1. Synergy EAS Pedestal –

    Standard 18 Month Manufacturer Warranty


Below are previous versions of Sensormatic terms:

  1. Customer Agreement Terms (for orders prior to June 1, 2021)

    Customer Terms (Revised 8-30-2019)

    Professional Services Agreement (Revised 8-30-2019)

  2. License Terms (for orders prior to June 1, 2021)

    End User License Agreement (EULA, on Premise)

    Terms of Service (TOS)(SaaS) (Revised 8-30-2019)