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The grocery retail sector has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. As part of the essential retail infrastructure, grocery stores remained open throughout the pandemic, forcing them to adapt to new conditions and requirements. Additionally, in order to stay current with trends, increase the value of each transaction, and maintain customer engagement, retailers have had to broaden their product offerings by incorporating higher margin categories such as gourmet meats and cheese, health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, electronics, and apparel into their product lines. This increased diversity of high value products brings with it a range of new security considerations.

Furthermore, grocery retailers are faced with many additional issues such as the need to reduce energy use, compliance with food safety and temperature regulations, offering customers an attractive and comfortable shopping experience and display possibilities while improving their internal processes and operations.

Find how innovative solutions from Sensormatic can help grocers to address operational challenges, improve efficiencies across the entire retail estate and enable smart and connected shopper engagement.

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