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On Traffic Adoption & Company Culture, Two Retailers’ Perspectives

February 24, 2017 ByStaff



Ramping up a company’s business intelligence investment — whether it’s in traffic adoption or something else entirely — is often, by its very nature, a risky investment and a tough sell to the c-suite. Why? Because, as we’ve discussed previously, business intelligence solutions generally come with a high upfront cost – not to mention, deriving value from BI solutions by acting on the insights they produce can require practice, training, and cross-functional buy-in.

In the videos below, Shopper Trak’s Senior Director of Advisory Services, Brian Field, talks with two exceptionally forward-thinking retail innovators, Sharon Leite and Catherine McCabe, about how their experiences with implementing traffic adoption and how they’ve managed to make traffic a part of their companies’ cultures.

Check out these quick video interviews now to hear what Leite and McCabe have to say.

  • Leite is the President of Sally Beauty, and she was an early proponent of traffic adoption, as she initially began working with ShopperTrak in the late 1990s.
  • McCabe serves as the Vice President of Sales, Operations, Learning and Development at Teavana. Like Leite, McCabe has worked to integrate traffic into the culture of many companies she has worked at, including Limited Brands and Gap.

On your experiences with using traffic in the store

On how to make traffic a part of a company’s culture


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