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Sensormatic Solutions has established its industry leadership by delivering quality radio frequency identification (RFID) based inventory intelligence solutions to stores, distribution centres and factories.

Our service bureau extends our capabilities and allows retailers and their manufacturers to easily receive custom printed and encoded RFID tags and labels, delivered directly to their specialised facilities for application onto merchandise. We use an established source tagging model which enhances supply chain efficiencies by providing visibility into order fulfilment strategies, inbound/outbound shipping verification, device monitoring and encoding authentication.

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Speed & Agility

Attain quicker lead times that align with your fast turn around production needs.

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Global Scale

Our encoding operations extend across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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Product Innovation

Drawing on over 50 years of expertise and with more than 1,900 retail patents, we offer high-quality solutions through our tags/labels, designed to suit packaging of any size.

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Professional Services

We provide design, integration, and consultative services to help you maximise your investment and achieve your business objectives.

Trusted RFID Tagging Services

For RFID tags/labels to provide accurate item-level details about a particular product, they must be encoded with a unique serialised electronic product code (EPC). The responsibility of printing and encoding these RFID tags/labels falls upon a tagging service bureau. Sensormatic’s Service Bureau provides a retailer and their manufacturer/supplier with serialised, encoded RFID tags/labels, making tagging a simple, one step process.

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Gain Inventory Management Insights

RFID technology enables faster, more frequent, and more accurate inventory counting compared to traditional methods. This results in significant reductions in out-of-stocks and markdowns, along with improvements in revenue and gross margin.

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Achieve Better Visibility Across Your Supply Chain

When merchandise is equipped with RFID tags/labels at the point of manufacturing, you gain visibility and real-time access to merchandise flow data for smarter brand experiences.

Sensormatic Supply Chain Intelligence uses innovative cloud-based RFID tracking and analytics to help enable faster distribution and more accurate order fulfilment. With item-level insights, you can monitor supply chain workflows, improve decision making and help ensure delivery of genuine brand products.

Explore the transformative impact investing in supply chain intelligence can bring to your organisation.
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Elevate Retail Efficiencies

Sensormatic Solutions' diverse range of Source Tagging solutions utilise technologies like Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to ensure merchandise arrives securely and sales floor-ready, promoting open merchandising and optimizing point of sale (POS) activities. Designed for operational efficiency, our solutions discreetly protect even the most challenging items like cosmetics, and hard goods while preserving the product and package design.

Learn how an investment in source tagging can enhance your store operations.

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Discover how Renner, a leading Brazilian fashion retailer, achieved enhanced efficiency in both brick-and-mortar and online operations by integrating Sensormatic Solutions' inventory intelligence.

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