Inventory Visibility

Maximise merchandise availability and the shopper experience
  • The Foundation of Unified Commerce

    Maintain up to 99% inventory accuracy through rapid-cycle counting and continuous merchandise movement updates.

  • Fewer Out-of-Stocks

    Reduce out-of-stocks by up to 30% and unnecessary markdowns by up to 25% through timely restocking of on-floor merchandise.

  • Maximize Availability

    Find merchandise efficiently and increase on-floor availability by up to 30% with regular backroom to sales floor replenishment.

TrueVUE in the Cloud handheld display

Peak Inventory Intelligence: See TrueVUE Cloud in Action

Mobility Meets Productivity

Combined with an interactive and intuitive restocking application, TrueVUE Cloud uses mobile Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for highly accurate item-level stock counting.

This allows retailers to:

  • Efficiently locate specific styles, colours and sizes in store to help fulfil omnichannel orders
  • Replenish merchandise rapidly to maximise on-floor availability
  • Guide sales assistants with event-driven notifications for an enhanced and effective workflow experience
retail store employee using device for inventory cycle count of rfid tagged items
sensormatic truevue retail store inventory visibility software displayed on laptop tablet and cell phone devices

Stay in the Know With Intuitive Dashboards and Reporting

TrueVUE Cloud’s web-based, mobile-ready dashboards link assistants with store data and tasks as they move throughout the store and carry out their work, improving inventory workflows and enabling real-time event notifications.

With TrueVUE Cloud's intuitive reporting capabilities, retailers can:

  • Maintain awareness of and access to critical stock data and insight at any time, anywhere
  • Summarise data and drill down into detailed reporting for either selected business units or throughout the company
  • Take immediate action with insights into real-time stock movement
hand applying tag to garment

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