Tag Detachers

Designed to Remove Sensormatic Hard Tags with Ease and Enhance Your Checkout Throughput

Our range of Sensormatic detachers deliver ease of use, efficiency and compatibility with your point-of-sale.

Sensormatic Solutions offers a wide range of manual and powered tag detachers to easily remove Sensormatic hard tags at the point-of-sale (POS). Sensormatic tag detachers come in multiple designs with flexible mounting options to fit nearly any POS environment. This helps enable quick and efficient operation while helping expedite throughput and enhancing the customer checkout experience.
tag detacher
  • Powered or Manual Options

    Available in multiple designs compatible with the Sensormatic hard tag portfolio.

  • Flexible Installation Options

    Features various mounting options for nearly any environment.

  • Reliable and Sturdy

    Delivers ease, efficiency and durability use after use.

9kg mobile detacher

Magnetic 9kG Mobile Detacher

Designed for quick and efficient removal of magnetic security tags from merchandise, this detaching solution allows retailers to open a checkout area wherever needed to help accommodate peak traffic periods.

  • Mobility enables quick opening of a checkout area wherever needed
  • Compact design allows associates to carry the device anywhere in the store
  • One-handed detaching helps accelerate checkout and alleviate unnecessary shopper delays
  • Security lock helps prevent unauthorized use
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Put Analytics and Shrink Visibility to Work for You

Ready for a clear, complete picture of loss events that will transform your loss prevention approach? Shrink visibility puts things in focus, using integrating item-level inventory and loss prevention data to create real-time understanding of what, when and how specific items go missing.
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