Safers & Wraps

Help Optimize the Customer Experience and Reduce Shrink with Sensormatic High-Theft Product Protection

Sensormatic safers and wraps offer product protection while letting shoppers handle items with ease.

With Sensormatic's wide range of safers and wraps, you no longer have to keep your more expensive, high-risk items locked in a case or behind the counter—you can confidently open merchandise without impacting the shopper’s experience. Sensormatic safers and wraps let your shoppers easily and securely view, handle and purchase items of all shapes and sizes. Sensormatic safers are reusable and protect products in secure housing, integrated with Sensormatic labels. Sensormatic alarming wraps feature adjustable cables that secure around items of all shapes and sizes with strong visual deterrence in a low-profile footprint.
Sensormatic High-Value Protection
  • Open Merchandising

    Helps increase sales by letting your customers easily handle items.

  • Sensormatic Alarming Wraps

    Secures items of all shapes and sizes with a low-profile footprint.

  • Sensormatic Safers

    Protects high-risk items like perfume, razor blades and ink cartridges.

Multi-Purpose Safers

The reusable safers protect products in secure housing, integrated with Sensormatic Non-Deactivatable EAS labels, providing the highest anti-theft protection.

  • Promotes open merchandising for perfume, cosmetics, iPods, MP3 players, ink cartridges, razor blades and more for increased sales
  • Provides superior protection and optimal merchandising, allowing shoppers to easily view and purchase items
  • Easy application and removal helps improve store operations
  • Constructed of clear high-grade polycarbonate, the material is scratch-resistant and will not become cloudy or yellow over time, ensuring attractive product displays
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Flexible Safers

Scientifically engineered to be clean and strong for all environments, Flexible Safers easily protect high-theft products such as SD Cards, cosmetics, HD cables, razor blades, box apparel and ink cartridges.

  • Constructed from PET, Polyethylene (PE) and nylon materials to form a strong, yet flexible, product
  • Slim design helps maximise retail selling space for increased sales
  • Easy application and removal helps improve store operations
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 technologies for an adaptable solution
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magnetic alarm 3-tone wrap

Magnetic Alarming 3-Tone Wrap

When secured, the 3-tone wrap tag emits an audible alarm if defeat is attempted and alarms the pedestal system if protected products pass through the detection zone.

  • Wraps securely around merchandise of all shapes and sizes
  • 3-tone alarming feature provides the highest level of security to high-value, high-risk merchandise
  • Promotes open merchandising for increased sales
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New Technology Reveals New Actionable Data

When it comes to inventory shrink, the newest, most cutting-edge detection systems aren’t just preventing it—they’re revealing detailed data that retailers can use to make strategic decisions.
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