Improving Energy Efficiency in Supermarket Refrigeration

How can our solutions help you to save energy?

For many years, Sensormatic Solutions has been helping retailers to address operational challenges, improve efficiencies across the entire retail estate and enable smart and connected shopper engagement. Our goal was to help retailers gain unparalleled insights into shopper experience, inventory intelligence, loss prevention and operational effectiveness with advanced technologies, like AI and Machine Learning and thus enable them to act on prescriptive and predictive data-driven outcomes.

With our recent portfolio expansion into Food Safety Compliance, Sensormatic Solutions is able to help grocers find the right balance between being energy effective and operationally efficient.

While the refrigeration systems in supermarkets account for between 30% and 60% of the electricity consumption, finding the right mode of operation for chilled and frozen products pose unique challenges for store operators. Besides trying to reduce energy use, they also need to comply with food temperature regulations, fit in the complex indoor environment, offer customers an attractive and comfortable shopping experience and display possibilities.

Download our latest report “Improving Energy Efficiency in Supermarket Refrigeration” to gain valuable insights in:

  • the environmental footprint of retail stores
  • current “green” trends, for both grocers and consumers
  • the latest digital food safety solutions can help grocers to save energy

vibrant color image of frozen food cases in retail grocery store refrigerated aisle

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