Want to combat theft and ORC? Get to know your groups

February 20, 2023


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Help prevent retail theft and gain insights into your customers with Group Detection

Was that a family that just walked in your store? Or a group of friends? Or did several individuals simply happen to enter at the same time? And how about all the people at the promotional display? Is it a mob conspiring? Or only couples shopping?

The answers can reveal valuable insights into your customers — like whether your customers tend to shop with partners, family, or on their own — and even inform strategies to combat theft and organised retail crime (ORC). But how do you discern a group from individuals? And how can you tell which groups constitute a threat to safety and security?

That's where Computer Vision can help. Our Group Detection analytic enables you to:

  • detect a group of shoppers in a predetermined targeted zone or entrance
  • gain insights into the customers coming into your store
  • analyse group data — like group size share and average group size per day — provided on our dashboard, continuously updated in real time
  • help prevent theft and ORC by recognising patterns of suspicious group activity
  • ... and more!

Learn more about our Computer Vision-powered analytics can help you know your customers better and protect your bottom line.


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