Are shelf sweeps damaging your bottom line? Let Computer Vision help.

March 13, 2023


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Help divert crime with our Shelf Sweep Detection analytic, powered by Computer Vision.

Shelf sweeps leave not only your shelves empty — this crime also diminishes your bottom line, occupies your sales associates' time, and leaves shoppers disappointed when the item they came for is gone. Why not reinforce your loss prevention efforts to avoid cascading consequences of theft — all while assisting with regular replenishment?

When you introduce our Shelf Sweep Detection analytic into your loss prevention strategy, you gain the ability to:

  • designate specific shelves to monitor with items most vulnerable to shelf sweeps
  • establish a minimum threshold of shelf inventory
  • get notified in real time when a large amount of inventory is removed, causing shelf inventory to cross the minimum threshold
  • ... and more!

Find out more about how Computer Vision analytics can help combat crime and protect your profitability.


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