What can your store's vehicle activity tell you? A lot, if you're ready to listen

February 06, 2023


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Get visibility into vehicle activity to help ensure safety, security, and satisfaction

When it comes to enhancing store safety, security, and shopper satisfaction, loss prevention professionals might be surprised to discover how much can be learned from your parking facility.

A vehicle near your loading bay, cars blocking pedestrian traffic at the store entrance, or customers experiencing excessive wait times for their Click & Collect orders are all important events retailers need to respond to in real time — but they need real-time visibility to do so. That's where Computer Vision comes in. With our Vehicle Alert Computer Vision analytic, you can:

  • establish time limits for parking and designate unauthorised parking areas
  • get real-time alerts when vehicles exceed the predetermined time threshold or are parked in unauthorised areas
  • track average, minimum, and maximum wait times for customers utilising Click & Collect pickup
  • ... and more!

Find out more about how our Computer Vision-powered analytics can help provide insights to improve the shopper experience while assisting your efforts to create a safe and secure environment.


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