Sensormatic IQ for Inventory Intelligence

Harness the power of data for effective inventory management

Sensormatic IQ provides a smart approach to balanced, optimised and accurate inventory management from source to store and everywhere in between.

The retail supply chain is in the midst of an evolution and the prominence of omnichannel means retailers can't afford inefficiencies or inaccuracy. Our cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) applications leverage data and insights across your entire supply chain to ensure merchandise allocation is at peak performance.

Use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and inventory analytics to increase traceability of merchandise from warehouse to shop floor or customer door.
Ensure accuracy and avoid stockouts with RFID-enabled solutions that provide item-level visibility across the enterprise.
Centralise streams of data on Sensormatic IQ's powerful and intuitive dashboard to support agile, customer-focused, omnichannel retail strategies.

Gain In-Stock Confidence

Avoiding empty shelves and stockouts – and the subsequent negative shopper experiences – can be as difficult as it is imperative. Fortunately, Sensormatic IQ has solutions to help.

On-Floor Visibility, for example, utilises tools like RFID-enabled frequent cycle-counting, inventory analytics and our powerful and intuitive interactive mobile app, to enable confident control over stores' in-stock situation.

Increased visibility into your on-floor stock position doesn't just mitigate loss, it can yield gains. The detailed insights make for efficient unified commerce execution and can improve on-floor merchandise availability to 95%, reduce stockouts by up to 30% and cut unnecessary markdowns by up to 25%.

Find out how On-Floor Visibility can optimise your in-stock strategies
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Avoid Costly Inefficiencies

Omnichannel retail puts a higher premium – and more pressure – on supply chain efficiency. The RFID-enabled inventory management technology and analytics of our Supply Chain Visibility solution help retailers to avoid inefficiencies by providing item-level transparency and traceability for inventory movement across the entire supply chain. The increased automation can also improve vendor and distribution or fulfilment centre operations – increasing labour productivity by up to 25%.

From supporting retailer and third-party proof of fulfilment to supplier technology strategy compliance, store-to-distribution centre proof of delivery to merchandise visibility in fulfilment centres – our outcome-based solutions optimise supply chain operations and omnichannel fulfilment.

Discover how Supply Chain Visibility can advance your inventory management
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