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Detection Systems

Empowering Retailers Around the World with Trusted Sensormatic Anti-Theft Protection

EAS solutions built around reliable anti-shoplifting technology.

Offered in a range of installation options, our family of Sensormatic detection systems uses reliable anti-shoplifting technology to help keep merchandise secure. Sensormatic detection systems offer visible or discreet coverage and come in a variety of designs to match your store's aesthetic, to help you find the perfect anti-theft solution for your business. Sensormatic detection systems also include options to help drive intelligence back into the supply chain to improve store operations, increase product availability and enhance the customer experience.
Store front with sensors

Digital Door-Max Pedestal


The Door-Max features Sensormatic AM EAS technology in an attractive, slender antenna to protect exits up to 1.8m (6ft) wide.

  • Sleek, modern antenna compliments any store entrance
  • Built-in visual and audible indicators immediately notify store associates of alarm events
  • When connected to a compatible data management device, this system provides in-store EAS and Traffic Intelligence to better manage store operations
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RFID Overhead EAS System

Sensormatic RFID Overhead EAS System

The RFID Overhead EAS System is a discreet alternative to traditional pedestal or concealed EAS floor systems.

  • Provides discreet and scalable anti-theft protection for non-pedestal based applications
  • Protects a variety of store entrances, can be cascaded from a single door to any width exit
  • Addresses all store exit variations including options for ceiling mounting, suspended mounting and hidden behind ceilings
  • Compliments store appearances with premium acrylic covers; ideal for open ceilings, curved architecture and clean-line storefronts
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Integrated EAS Traffic Counter

Integrated EAS Traffic Counter

The Integrated EAS Traffic Counter integrates into the lens of compatible EAS pedestals to provide accurate customer traffic information.

  • Provides data comparing people counting information to sales transaction data to determine conversion rates and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Helps optimise staffing based on customer traffic
  • Provides visibility to directionality of potential shoplifting events
  • Helps to deliver accurate alarm management
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Digital Remote Alarm

Digital Remote Alarm

This device facilitates response to alarm events at the store front, extending the benefits of Sensormatic’s Enhanced Detection suite.

  • The high-volume audible alarm makes it easier for store personnel to hear over ambient noise
  • Traffic-counting option helps identify shopping peaks, gauge marketing effectiveness and more
  • Unique alarm sequence for the “Tags-too-Close” feature aids in merchandising products near store entrance/exits
  • Jammer Device indicator includes visual and audible feedback for quicker response and more effective event management
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Advertising Upgrade Kit RFID

Advertising Upgrade Kit

The optional Advertising Upgrade Kit is designed to display poster inserts on compatible Sensormatic pedestals.

  • Reach a large number of shoppers on-the-move where most purchasing decisions are made
  • Generate additional marketing co-op profit by bidding out advertising space to vendors
  • Change out poster inserts easily with slide-release clamps
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Wireless Device Manager

Wireless Device Manager

The Wireless Device Manager seamlessly aggregates data and provides synchronisation of Sensormatic EAS devices.

  • Connects Sensormatic EAS devices through a star network via wireless secure propriety protocols
  • Provides synchronisation of EAS deactivation and detection devices to reduce failed deactivation at point-of-sale and minimises nuisance alarms at the exit for an improved shopper experience
  • Enables remote device management and monitoring of connected Sensormatic EAS devices to help retailers ensure equipment is running effectively
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Outdoor Enclosure

Outdoor Enclosure

This enclosure is designed to protect the required electronic components for compatible AM EAS detection systems in virtually any outdoor retail environment.

  • Weather-tight construction allows EAS detection in any retail outdoor environment
  • Thermostat control manages internal temperatures to prevent condensation that can damage the system’s electronic components
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UltraPost Shield

Ultra•Post Shield

The Ultra•Post Shield minimises the detection field behind the Sensormatic Ultra•Post pedestal.

  • Reduces detection field behind the Ultra•Post pedestal
  • Enables store associates to better manage merchandising of tagged goods at the front of the store
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AlertSystems Apparelguard

Alert Systems Apparelguard

Apparelguard detects magnets and magnetic detachers when brought into the fitting room area to help reduce the threat of would-be shoplifters.

  • Ideal for protecting fitting room entrance up to 1.4m (4.6ft) from incoming detachers and magnets
  • Helps safeguard merchandise in the fitting room which presents an opportunity for would-be thieves to conceal and steal items
  • Store associates can be notified of incoming magnets or magnetic detachers via alarm, CCTV or optional pager device
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AlertSystems Metalguard/Hyperguard

Alert Systems Metalguard

Metalguard is designed to detect booster bags commonly used by ORC offenders when they enter or exit a store location

  • Protects merchandise from sophisticated shoplifters by identifying foil-lined bags or clothing as it enters or exits the store
  • Unique door filter technology helps reduce false alarms generated by moving metal doors
  • Store associates can be notified of incoming booster bags via alarm, CCTV or optional pager device
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New Technology Reveals Actionable Data

313 When it comes to shrink, the newest, most cutting-edge detection systems aren’t just preventing it, they’re revealing item-level data that retailers can use to make strategic decisions around loss prevention and inventory management. When it comes to shrink, the newest, most cutting-edge detection systems aren’t just preventing it, they’re revealing item-level data that retailers can use to make strategic decisions around loss prevention and inventory management.
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