Anti-Theft Sensors

Securely Protect Merchandise with Sensormatic Solutions' Broad Line of Anti-Theft Tags and Labels

Store sensors enhance the customer experience, grow sales and keep a wide range of inventory secure.

Sensormatic Solutions’ innovative, easy-to-apply anti-theft sensors help retailers protect merchandise and deliver a frictionless customer experience. We offer a broad line of anti-theft devices for retail stores, including easy-to-apply Sensormatic hard tags and labels in AM, RF, and RFID technologies to protect everything from apparel and cosmetics to hardware and groceries. Sensormatic anti-theft tagging options fit all needs, budgets and types of inventory so retailers can confidently open merchandise hard-to-protect items, help reduce shrink and increase sales.
Shoe Security Tag
  • Comprehensive Anti-Theft Sensor Portfolio

    Protect merchandise of all types, sizes and costs with a full suite of Sensormatic EAS sensors.

  • Easy Application

    Easily apply Sensormatic sensors in-store or at the source.

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InFuzion Hard Security Tag

Sensormatic Hard Tags

Securely protect almost any item with Sensormatic’s comprehensive line of hard tags. Designed to address many high-theft categories, Sensormatic anti-theft hard tags offer retailers an innovative way to protect items to open merchandise with confidence. Genuine Sensormatic hard tags offer:

  • Exceptional Sensormatic detection performance, durability and ease of use.
  • Innovative options including benefit denial, delicate and footwear protection.
  • Strong visual deterrents for would-be shoplifters.
AP anti theft label

Sensormatic Labels

Sensormatic labels provide anti-theft protection and discreetly secure merchandise of all shapes and sizes—even small items with a narrow or slim profile. Genuine Sensormatic labels offer:

  • Easy application in-store or at the source of manufacturing.
  • Reliable Sensormatic performance and merchandise protection in a small footprint.
  • Consistent deactivation at the point of sale for fewer false alarms at the store exit.
Anti-theft product safer

Sensormatic Safers & Wraps

Our Sensormatic safers and wrap anti-theft sensors allow you to open merchandise your high-theft items with confidence to help maximise sales and optimise the customer experience.

  • Secure high-theft products such as perfume, electronics, razor blades and ink cartridges.
  • Promote sales by allowing shoppers to easily view and purchase items.
  • Offer easy application and removal to help improve store operations.

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A Full Portfolio of Trusted, Top-Quality Solutions

Backed by decades of experience, innovation and industry leadership, the loss prevention solutions in Sensormatic Solutions' robust product portfolio are trusted by retailers worldwide to prevent shrink and to create smart and connected shopper engagement. Find the solutions that are right for your unique inventory and investment needs.
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