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Traditional inventory methods can’t keep up with today’s shopper expectations. Sensormatic Solutions' Inventory Intelligence creates a seamless shopping experience.

Inventory Intelligence solutions harness the power of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for a single view of item-level inventory data across your enterprise. Our retail and technology experts are ready to guide you through every step of your inventory journey to improve accuracy and ensure that merchandise is available where and when your customers choose to shop.

Attain unified commerce through easily accessible, detailed inventory information from across the organisation.

Leverage the latest RFID technology and cloud-based analytics to unlock the future-facing power of innovation across retail.

Give shoppers accurate, real-time inventory information to both ensure a positive targeted experience and build brand loyalty.

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Enjoy Seamless Inventory Control and Unified Commerce

TrueVUE Cloud leverages our comprehensive visibility into merchandise movement to deliver an enterprise-wide view of item-level inventory data – offering retailers a single source of truth. By delivering the information needed to make timely and well-informed decisions, these easy-to-access item-level analytics help improve inventory accuracy, maximise on-floor availability, and reduce out-of-stocks. Our dashboards link associates with store data and tasks to provide real-time event notifications and improve inventory workflows. With applications that span the entire shopper journey, you gain actionable insights to help enable a frictionless brand and customer experience, both online and in store. 

Find out more about how TrueVUE Cloud can enhance your inventory management

Empower Your Storefront

The front of any retail store is a critical hub for understanding shopper activity. Sensormatic Solutions' Storefront Visibility layers Traffic Analytics, RFID item-level merchandise data, and Shrink Analytics with Video Intelligence to deliver a wealth of operational improvement opportunities. We provide you with everything you need to increase selling opportunities and profitability – greater insights into labour optimisation to maximise conversion, actionable Shrink Visibility to combat organised retail crime (ORC), and intelligent inventory solutions to help reduce out-of-stocks.

Explore our Storefront Visibility solutions and discover how they can improve storefront operations
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Optimise Customer Experiences

TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence software can optimise the in-store customer experience and maximise the value of important conversion areas – like the fitting room – with data-driven customer insights. With integrations at the point of sale (POS), modern handheld readers, and discreet storefront RFID-based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, TrueVUE leverages RFID technology at every juncture to increase sales and enable a frictionless shopper journey.

Find out more about how TrueVUE can optimise the highest conversion area in the store – the fitting room
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Sensormatic Solutions Catalogue

Sensormatic Solutions offers products and solutions for high-performance Loss Prevention and Liability, Video Intelligence, Inventory Intelligence, and Shopper Insights.

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Gain Dynamic Inventory Control on the Sales Floor

On-Floor Visibility integrates RFID technology with TrueVUE Cloud-based item-level inventory analytics to help you manage your current in-stock positions. Using high-speed inventory counting, associates can know exactly which items should be moved from the stock room to the sales floor in time to avoid preventable out-of-stocks and deliver a positive customer experience.

Discover how On-Floor Visibility can give you confident control of your in-store inventory
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Realise End-to-End Supply Chain Efficiency

The supply chain is complex and critical – and, unfortunately, rife with opportunities for inefficiency. To mitigate associated risks, Sensormatic Solutions' Supply Chain Intelligence increases traceability and item-level visibility – from the factory to the fulfilment centre to the sales floor – to protect your merchandise and your brand. Our team uses RFID technology and analytics from TrueVUE Cloud to track inventory and manage supply chain procedures, allowing retailers to closely monitor delivery statuses and inventory levels across the entire enterprise. 

Learn how Sensormatic Solutions' TrueVUE Cloud technology helps you to track and control item-level inventory throughout the supply chain
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