Merchandise Types

Solutions Designed to Effectively Secure Retail Items of All Types, Shapes, Sizes and Prices

Expertise in most every merchandise segment.

Different retailers feature and sell different items of all kinds, prices and sizes. That’s why their loss prevention challenges and concerns vary widely—and why a one-size-fits-all solution would never make sense. Whatever mix of merchandise you offer, Sensormatic Solutions has the deep expertise and the unique state-of-the-art solutions to help keep your inventory safe, while empowering you to maximise sales by treating your customers to a seamless experience.


Fashion apparel protected with anti-theft tags

Apparel & Fashion

Safe solutions for a variety of materials, from jeans to delicates.


Hats Coats Scarves
Jumpers Dresses Trousers
Jackets Lingerie Jeans

Woman shopping for health and beauty items 

Health & Beauty

Whether sold individually or in bulk, help keep health and beauty items safe.


OTC Medicine Eyeliner Folding Cartons
Small Cosmetics Cleanser Fragrances & Perfumes
Lipliner Teeth Whitening Strips Pharmaceuticals
Nail Polish Razor Blades
Lipstick Deodorant

Jewelry display with Sensormatic anti-theft tags

Jewellery & Accessories

Effective loss prevention for items that are small in size but high in value.


Necklaces Earrings Rings
Bracelets Watches

Sunglasses  on shelf with Sensormatic anti-theft tags


The key to helping keep your eyewear selection safe and preventing loss.


Sunglasses Eyeglasses

Women's wallets and accoessories with Sensormatic anti-theft tags


Loss prevention for high-end items without diminishing the premium experience.


Handbags Wallets Leather Coats
Belts Shoes

Women's shoes and purses with Sensormatic anti-theft tags

Footwear, Bags and Accessories

Unmatched protection for shoes of all styles and sizes, as well as bags and accessories.


Shoes Belts Handbags

Golf clubs protected by Sensormatic anti-theft tags

Sporting Goods

A range of solutions designed to accommodate equipment of varying sizes and shapes.


Sporting Equipment Fishing Poles & Reels Coolers
Bats Camping & Hiking Equipment Hockey Sticks
Gloves Athletic Shoes

Power drills protected by Sensormatic anti-theft wrap sensor


Full loss prevention solutions for tools and equipment used for home or office projects.


Power Tools Batteries Lighting
Hand Tools Plumbing Supplies Door Locks
Tape Measures Electrical

Couple shopping for wine bottle with  Sensormatic anti-theft tag

Grocery & Liquor

Effective, easy-to-remove solutions for groceries of all shapes and kinds.


Wine Tobacco/Cigarettes Infant Formula
Alcohol Meat Laundry Detergent
Liquor Coffee

Cashier scanning calculator at register

Office Supplies

From desk goods to printing needs, help keep your full stock of supplies safe.


Ink Cartridges Calculators Laser Toner
Writing Instruments

Woman shopping for mobile phone accessories


Innovative anti-theft measures for one of retail’s most targeted categories.


Electronics Adapters TVs
Mobile Phone Accessories External Hard Drives Laptops
Gadgets Game Consoles Cameras
Modem Video Games