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Enabling smart and connected shopper engagement to Fast Forward Retail

Since Sensormatic Solutions’ inception, our team has made streamlining and scaling retail operations our business. We have remained steadfast in our commitment to partnership and collaboration with retailers and industry change agents, cementing our status as a global leader in retail intelligence and innovation while honing the quality and expertise that has become synonymous with the Sensormatic Solutions name.

A Rich Legacy, an Eye Towards the Future

Sensormatic Solutions has been a proven and reliable part of the retail technology story since the modern industry began. Founded in 1966 by cousins Jack Welch and Ronald Assaf, we quickly became a leader in electronic article surveillance (EAS) after introducing some of the world’s first retail hard tags. As the market expanded and EAS options diversified, we remained at the cutting edge, through developments in RFID technology, computer vision and more, consistently pursuing the next leading technologies to support retail. Over the years, we expanded our reach and focus on data and analytics in order to drive new insights and outcomes for retailers while cementing our status as an innovative and reliable partner to major retail brands, which has led to our representation amongst 70% of the top 100 retailers worldwide today.

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50+ years of Sensormatic Solutions

Digital Solutions Leading the Future of Retail

At Sensormatic Solutions, innovation is in our DNA, as evidenced by our best-in-class portfolio of solutions, software and services which deliver integrated data and intelligence to enable smart and connected shopper engagement. Our engineers continue to work in close collaboration with retail and technology partners to maintain our legacy of innovation, while constantly seeking to identify forward-thinking applications of emerging technologies that can address the most pressing obstacles in retail.

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Explore Our Solutions

Throughout almost six decades of operation, Sensormatic Solutions has dedicated its resources to delivering groundbreaking solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges. Our mission is central to our company’s operations, guiding the design of our products and services which are renowned for their quality, breadth and depth. As the age of intelligence-driven, digitalised retail progresses, Sensormatic Solutions continues that mission, as we set our sights on the future-focused, outcome-based solutions that will usher in the next era.

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Protecting Assets & People

Loss prevention and liability solutions empower retailers to fight global shrink and retail crime with data-led merchandise protection solutions supported by artificial intelligence (AI), radio frequency identification (RFID) and advanced monitoring hardware. Available tools range from EAS pedestals and hard tags to AI-enabled video surveillance, temperature control monitoring and more.

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Enabling Unified Commerce

Knowing what is in stock and where it is has always been crucial to retail success. Our inventory intelligence solution can help retailers to obtain a complete view of their stock from a single source of truth, enabling more strategic merchandising programmes, improved ‘click-and-collect’ processes, real-time stock visibility and more satisfying customer journeys.

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Maximising shopper experience:

As customers have become more digitally connected, their expectations of retailers have changed – and this trend will only continue in the coming years. Our shopper experience solution, supported by a combination of traffic counting, AI monitoring, analytics, Bluetooth tracking and BLE Beacons among other equipment, puts omnichannel shopper data into retailers’ hands. By integrating demographic, purchase journey, shopper mood and traffic data with other metrics, retailers can uncover opportunities to enhance shopper experiences and exceed growing consumer expectations.

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Driving Store Performance

Our proprietary analytics technologies come together to drive operational improvements towards achieving operational excellence. When used in tandem, these solutions can deliver synergistic, holistic strategies that deliver company-wide value. From labour allocation to financial auditing, supply chain tracking, location strategy improvements and everything in between, our performance visibility and monitoring tools can offer actionable insights to improve operations at local, regional and company level.

Smart Tech for Smarter Retail

At the very core of the Sensormatic Solutions comprehensive and connected suite of solutions is our intelligent operating platform, Sensormatic IQ, which was developed through partnerships with Google and Intel. Sensormatic IQ delivers predictive and prescriptive data-driven outcomes for retailers, solving their challenges by providing clear actions, no matter where they are in their own digital transformation story. Armed with these powerful tools, retailers can gain unparalleled visibility into every aspect of their company, from the back room to the front doors – and beyond.

To find out more about our solutions, explore our Innovation Experience or download our catalogue. To learn more about our products, download our catalog
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Responsible Retail is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Sensormatic Solutions is committed to building a more responsible retail industry by delivering sustainable options for retailers and consumers. Throughout our history, we have prioritised sustainable business practices within our own walls and encouraged similar initiatives among customers and partners. The powerful insights our technologies provide are not just designed to improve in-store experiences; they also offer retailers an actionable roadmap to more sustainable models and practices.

To find out more about our vision for more responsible and efficient retail, read our sustainability story.

Pursuit of Progress, Powered by Passion

Sensormatic Solutions is a powerhouse in retail intelligence, with a finger on the pulse of the retail industry’s transformation. By collaborating with and listening closely to our customers, we develop impactful transformative solutions that provide new opportunities for the retailer to engage with and retain their shoppers in an ever-evolving digital world. As a trusted partner, we can meet retailers where they are now and can work together to guide them to where they need to be in the future.

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