Shrink Management as a Service

Leverage data for a proactive approach to loss prevention

Optimise the value of your EAS system with superior device management and predictive analytics that help to reduce shrink, increase sales and optimise staffing.

The robust capabilities of Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) can enhance productivity, increase reliability and boost performance for a more effective loss prevention programme. Powerful insights help to identify root causes of loss events, arming retailers with the information needed to fight shrink.

Expand the digital transformation of your loss prevention programme by capturing critical retail loss event data.
Ensure that your EAS system has minimal downtime and achieves optimal performance.
Get the insights you need to reduce retail shrink, increase sales and make better staffing decisions.

Your Stores are Talking to You

Your stores really are talking to you. It's time to listen – and SMaaS can help. Watch the video to see how SMaaS insights and analytics enable retailers to find out what their stores have to say.

Use Store Analytics to Effectively Manage Retail Shrink

Retail shrink is a persistent and costly challenge that retailers need to do all they can to mitigate. We can help. SMaaS enhances retail loss prevention efforts by making sense of critical data to identify problems – and their root causes – across the company. Through the use of geo-mapping, SMaaS works to uncover possible organised retail crime (ORC) activity and loss patterns, even pinpointing where the next hotspot might be.

And because SMaaS provides a company-wide view, retailers have the visibility necessary to home in on – and learn from – both good and bad store performance. These detailed capabilities make it possible to uncover training gaps that might be sabotaging your loss prevention efforts, in addition to predicting staffing needs for the effective use of limited resources.

Download the SMaaS eBook ‘Empowering the Next Generation of Loss Prevention’ and discover the power of data-driven strategy Read the Case Study: ASDA Embarks on Digital Transformation Journey for Smarter Loss Prevention
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Improve EAS System Performance and Uptime

Imagine this: no more dedicating time and resources to managing your EAS equipment. With SMaaS, this is a reality. The 24/7 real-time remote device management service SMaaS provides assurance that your equipment is online and functioning properly, resulting in improved uptime and fewer nuisance alarms.

And if issues do arise, our Remote Diagnostic Centres are at the ready to offer quick response, resolution and remediation – allowing a transition from manual to automated equipment management process which may also help to reduce the number of on-site service calls. Ultimately, by minimising downtime and having more accurate diagnostics in real time, retailers can focus their efforts on optimising store performance and driving a better shopper experience.

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