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Shopping centre owners and retail property managers need quality data in order to make quality decisions if they are to keep pace with shopper preferences. Today’s shoppers want a destination where they can socialise and be entertained. Shopping centre operators desire a sustainable and profitable tenant mix which aligns with evolving shopper expectations. Evolving consumer shopping behaviour, along with the prevalence of omnichannel services, is helping to reshape how shopping centres conduct business. Equipped with the right tools and data sets, shopping centres can successfully deliver on shopper expectations and property goals – and that's precisely what our Shopping Centre solutions provide.

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Occupancy Solutions for Shopping Centres

The Real-Time Occupancy solution helps you to accurately understand shopper density across your shopping centre or commercial properties. Our solution can help you to follow local or government ordinances in order to meet social distancing guidelines, stay within maximum limits and improve traffic management strategies. With up-to-the-minute visibility into occupancy, you also have the information

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Boost Mall and Shopping Centre Profitability Using Traffic Data

Shopping centres continue to face challenges: Traditional anchor stores are leaving, shoppers are visiting less frequently and changing economics are causing the centres to close. These challenging times call for thinking outside the (retail) box. Many shopping centres are being reinvented as destinations that offer exceptional experiences outside of simple shopping. 

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Store Digitisation: How to Engage Shoppers During an E-Commerce Shift

Deliver an engaging and immersive shopper experience through targeted shopper content.

Other Benefits

Optimise Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

 Analyse how shoppers engage inside the shopping centre with quantitative insights on the impact of marketing campaigns to help establish profitable leasing rates and leasing models. 

Enhance Shopper Experience

Leverage shopper traffic patterns to improve layouts and analyse zones within the shopping centre for investment priorities. 

 Maximise Tenant Occupancy

Provide prospective tenants with informed traffic flows to help guide retail activity that meets the brand’s potential. 

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