Nick Pompa

Vice President & Product General Manager, Shopper Experience

Nick Pompa, EMEA Regional General Manager 

As Vice President & Product General Manager for Shopper Experience, Nick Pompa will be responsible for accelerating new features and use cases to enable innovation across the shopper journey.

Before joining Sensormatic Solutions, Nick spent two decades in various micromarketing and business strategy positions at Experian. In these roles he covered analysis, client consulting, and commercial management with responsibility across the global business strategies unit. He then led the Experian FootFall business, building it into a growth orientated recurring revenue business, before successfully divesting to JCI. In JCI he led the merger of the FootFall and ShopperTrak businesses to create a global retail traffic analytics entity.

Nick holds an MA in human geography and a PhD in urban morphology, both of which he completed at the University of Birmingham.