Singles Day 2021 Part 2: By the Numbers

China's 2021 Singles Day is officially in the books. Did it live up to its reputation as the world’s e-commerce juggernaut? Let’s find out.

Since its inception, Singles Day has grown at a dizzying pace to become the highest-grossing retail event in the world. The deep savings and promotions offered by online retailers like Alibaba and have become a mammoth retail spectacle acknowledged around the globe as an important economic indicator for China and beyond. So what do the 2021 results indicate? The sheer number of participating brands and shoppers was staggering — not to mention total revenue or year-on-year growth for brands, retailers, and the event as a whole. Still, in order to better understand the full story of Singles Day 2021, we need to dig a bit deeper.

Let's review the numbers — both the good and not-so-good — and see what takeaways retailers can use as they prepare for Singles Day 2022.


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