On-Floor Visibility

Track merchandise availability and improve the shopper experience

Keep Shelves Stocked With Dynamic Stock Control

Empty shelves and out-of-stocks don't just risk the loss of a sale, but the loss of a customer or even brand reputation as well. Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers to avoid these risks with On-Floor Visibility. Our On-Floor Visibility solution integrates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with TrueVUE Cloud-based item-level inventory analytics to help stores control their current in-stock positions. Using high-speed stock counting, store assistants can know exactly which – and precisely when – items should be moved from the stock room to the sales floor in order to avoid preventable out-of-stocks and deliver a positive customer experience.

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male and female retail liquor store employees review store data on a tablet

Embrace Omnichannel and Unlock the Future of the Store

Omnichannel is a vital capability of today's retail landscape. This reality requires retailers to adapt and optimise their end-to-end operations across all channels to deliver superior experiences wherever and however customers choose to shop. Integrating Inventory Intelligence into your operations can cut costs, accelerate turns and build revenue by driving high-fidelity information back into the supply chain at every point of the merchandise journey. This paper delves into omnichannel shoppers and explores how retailers can adapt to meet their future needs. 

To find out more, download our Inventory Intelligence white paper: Maximise Merchandise, Availability and Shopper Experience
  • Maximize On-Floor Availability

    Use real-time inventory information to replenish items throughout the day, enabling improved conversion with consistent merchandise accessibility.

  • Improve Inventory Accuracy

    Maintain up to 99% continuous inventory accuracy with frequent cycle counting and ongoing item movement updates.

  • Boost Customer Engagement

    Assist customers in finding what they want when they want it, however they choose to shop.

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