Shrink Visibility

A focused view of loss events in real time with RFID

Gain Valuable Insights into the What, When, and Where of Shrink Control with Sensormatic Solutions

Retailers need to know the details of loss events in order to understand shrink patterns. Shrink Visibility delivers these details in real time by integrating item-level inventory with loss prevention data collected using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies. This combination reveals never-before-seen analytics and insights to help retailers respond effectively to shrink events, reduce out-of-stocks, combat organised retail crime (ORC), grow sales and enhance store operations.

When coupled with TrueVUE Cloud robust shrink analytics and reporting options, retailers can pinpoint when and where theft occurs, and take proactive measures to prevent future occurrences. Even better, retailers can integrate video technology for visual verification and forensic analysis.

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Take Shrink Management to the Next Level

Successful shrink management hinges upon comprehensive understanding of shrink events. Shrink Visibility creates a real-time understanding of what, when and where items go missing, by leveraging EAS and RFID inventory visibility technologies to integrate item-level inventory with loss prevention data. The new insights offered by this powerful combination allow retailers to take their loss prevention efforts to the next level. 

Learn how to manage shrink at the item level in our Shrink Visibility white paper, The POWER of Integrating Item-Level RFID and Loss Prevention
  • Strengthen Loss Prevention

    Quickly identify and respond to new trends in merchandise loss and shoplifting events.

  • Reduce Out-of-Stocks

    Avoid out-of-stocks through timely replenishment with the use of real-time, item-level stock management reports.

  • Combat ORC

    Pinpoint vulnerable store areas and respond quicker to new tactics in retail theft.

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