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On-Floor Visibility

Maximize merchandise availability and the shopper experience.

Keep shelves stocked and shoppers satisfied with dynamic inventory control.

On-Floor Visibility integrates RFID technology and TrueVUE cloud-based inventory intelligence to enable fast and easy control of your current in-stock position. Frequent high-speed inventory counting powered by RFID and TrueVUE analytics helps your store associates know exactly which items should be moved from the stock room to the sales floor to correct out-of-stocks and deliver a positive shopper experience.

  • Maximize on-floor availability: Real-time inventory information helps replenish items throughout the day, enabling sales conversion with consistent merchandise accessibility
  • Improve inventory accuracy: Maintain up to 99% continuous inventory accuracy through easy, rapid and frequent cycle counting and ongoing item movement updates
  • Boost shopper engagement: Assist customers in finding what they want, when they want it, any way they want to shop
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Maximize merchandise availability with On-Floor Visibility.

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Unlocking Omni-Channel and the Future of the Store

Integrating inventory intelligence for shoppers, associates and managers can cut costs, accelerate turns, and build revenue by driving high-fidelity information back into the supply chain, aligning with shopper demand. This paper delves into omni-channel shoppers and explores how retailers can meet their needs going forward.

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