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Supply Chain Intelligence

Track and control item-level inventory throughout the supply chain.

Real-time access to product flow data offers smarter brand and customer protection.

TrueVUE Supply Chain Intelligence uses innovative cloud-based RFID tracking and analytics to help enable faster distribution and more accurate order fulfillment. With item-level insights, you can monitor supply chain workflows, improve decision making and help ensure delivery of genuine brand products.

Get real-time access to product flow data for smarter brand experiences and product authenticity from factory to point-of-sale.

  • Brand Loyalty: Ensure customer satisfaction by verifying delivery and authenticity of genuine brand products
  • Receiving Visibility: Identify vendor shortcomings quickly and easily with item-level verifications for more accurate order fulfillment
  • Item-Level Tracking: Prevent counterfeiting and detect gray market trading with product traceability at the item level
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Maximize merchandise availability and the shopper experience.

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Understanding Real-World ROI for RFID in Retail.

With RFID, inventory counting can be done faster, more frequently and more accurately than with traditional methods for significant reductions in out-of-stocks and markdowns with improvements in revenue and gross margin. In this paper, we break down the question by examining the mechanisms that create benefits, the criteria that make categories suitable and examples of results from the field.

Download the white paper here.

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