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Powerful tools for protecting assets and enhancing shopper experiences

Whether you want to mitigate shrink and protect your profits, empower your promotions with richer personas, or just improve operational effectiveness, you're in good hands with Sensormatic Solutions' robust video offerings.

Leading retailers trust our industry-leading video solutions to drive the revenue and ensure the safety of their associates and their merchandise. From Computer Vision solutions that deliver real-time insights to shelf sweep technology that helps prevent shrink and more, our video solutions can deliver results across the retail enterprise.

Get real-time alerts when shrink events happen so your shops can take proactive action — rather than just reviewing footage after the fact.
Get to know your true customers through demographics, in-store behaviours, paths to purchase, and more.
Our solutions integrate with your existing camera infrastructure, making deployment fast, easy, and affordable.
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Video Technology That Powers Unique Insights Across the Retail Experience

Video technology provides powerful insights for loss prevention, shopper experience, inventory intelligence and operational effectiveness. Go beyond video surveillance and see how video analytics can help to address retail challenges.

Watch the video to see how computer vision technology can provide powerful insights across the retail experience

Focus on Protection, Experience and Operations

We offer a robust selection of video solutions that provide real-time visibility and insights for better decision making in terms of loss prevention, the shopper experience and company-wide operational effectiveness. To ensure that you get the best technology available, we take a consultative approach across multiple video technologies and partner with leading manufacturers of hardware, management systems and analytics software. And as a top system integrator, our team can tailor a customised video solution ideal for any retail environment and application.

Additionally, our suite of Computer Vision Analytics is focused on the most important challenges facing retailers today – each analytic is created to address a specific retail use case, delivering meaningful operational insights via Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) modelling.

Find out more about how our Computer Vision technology can work for you
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Ability to Integrate and Innovate

Our solutions are designed for ease and efficiency from the start, establishing a single point of contact across multiple technologies and technology providers. We also take pride in offering global operational excellence, providing best-in-class support when the need arises.

Retail Expertise that Goes Beyond Security

Shoplifter stealing razor blades in retail store

Strengthen Loss Prevention Efforts

Reduce theft, deter vandalism and break-ins, and detect the formation and dispersal of crowds — all without compromising the in-store experience.

  • Set thresholds for the number of people or objects in a target area
  • Combat organised retail crime (ORC) with suspicious behaviour alerts
  • Verify point-of-sale (POS) transactions with integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and video
  • Reduce loss of sales by decreasing shelf sweep incidents

female shopper looking over items in retail department store while her child sits in stroller

Enhance the Shopper Experience

Video can help you better understand and predict shopper behaviours, allowing you to develop well-informed marketing plans and services.

  • Use Behavioural Analysis to identify and anticipate customer movements
  • Pinpoint traffic patterns and trends easily with Heat Mapping
  • Let Dwell Analysis alert you when customers linger near specific products or areas
  • Understand shopper demographics to better customise in-store experiences

male grocery employee inspecting merchandise with mobile phone camera with store video overhead

Streamline Store Operations

From stocking to staffing, video analysis will help you to deliver a seamless shopper experience and optimise store operations.

  • Inspect display stock levels to reduce out-of-stocks or overstocks
  • Gain business intelligence into traffic patterns and trends
  • Determine the proper staffing levels needed during peak traffic times
  • Enable compliance monitoring to ensure that operational tasks are executed

Seamless Retail Experience

Sensormatic Solutions has a range of video technologies and partners that enable the design and deployment of customised solutions to help retailers meet their business needs. We consult, assess, plan, design and deploy the right solution to address your specific needs – opening the door to unique and powerful insights. Our vast retail expertise ensures that each solution design increases security without compromising the in-store customer experience.

retail employee holding mobile phone displaying multiple camera views of the store
aerial view of busy shopping mall parking lot with retail store entrances and autumn leaves

Customisable and Scalable

Ranging from small, customised deployments to large and complex international implementations, our solution set integrates multiple technologies to achieve more with fewer devices. Sensormatic Solutions' global scale reduces the total cost of ownership across hardware, software and networking costs, and enables the creation of a scalable model to support accelerated rollouts across vast geographical areas.

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