White Paper

Why Personalising the Customer Journey Returns Extreme Results

Today’s retailers are challenged with striking a balance between their online and physical presence to get shoppers in the door, deliver their products and services in an instant, and make the entire experience simple, easy and convenient. The rise of online shopping has required retailers to improve how, when and where they interact with their customers. In 2018, leading retailers who have already personalised the customer journey resulted in a sales growth that was 55 percent higher than their competitors

So where do you start? In this latest IHL report, sponsored by Sensormatic, you will learn:

  • The top 4 priorities for retail technology investments
  • Why fifty-one percent of retailers are concerned with personalising the customer journey
  • Techniques for empowering store associates
  • The top 5 tools retailers are planning on investing in over the next 24 months, including heat mapping and traffic counting
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