Fitting Room 360°

Connect with shoppers and influence buying decisions

Achieve Greater Insights Into Fitting Room Experiences

Modern retailers have access to virtual shopping basket conversion and abandonment, but gaining similar in-store visibility has been a challenge – until now. Sensormatic Solutions' Fitting Room 360° combines store foot traffic with real-time Radio Frequency Identification-tagged (RFID) stock and point-of-sale data to help build a digital footprint inside your store and deliver intelligence into shopper and merchandise interactions. Meanwhile, TrueVUE Cloud analytics leverages RFID-enabled sensors that capture merchandise data to help uncover predictive and prescriptive insights into shopper engagement, merchandising, operational efficiencies and staffing needs, in order to create an optimal customer experience.

male customer trying on clothes in retail store fitting room
female customer preparing to enter retail store fitting room

Why Inventory Visibility Matters

From the sales floor to the fitting room, inventory analytics can help retailers to maintain a consistent in-stock position on the sales floor that boosts customer satisfaction and drives overall sales. RFID-enabled technology helps make inventory visibility across multiple store functions possible, unlocking all of these benefits and more.

Download our white paper — The Fitting Room: The highest conversion area in the store — and discover how inventory visibility can improve profitability
  • Maximise Conversion

    Enable marketing and cross-selling opportunities on the merchandise shoppers bring into the fitting room.

  • Merchandising Insights

    Optimise clothing selections by monitoring items frequently brought into the fitting room together, left behind or not purchased.

  • Merchandising Insights

    Help store assistants to deliver personalised services through RFID-enabled merchandise visibility.

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