Occupancy Solution for Shopping Centres

Know how your property occupancy changes in real time
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 Get Up-to-the-Minute Understanding of Occupancy in Your Shopping Centre

 Sensormatic Solutions’ Real-Time Occupancy Solution enables you to accurately understand shopper density across your shopping centre or commercial property. The Occupancy solution can help you to follow local or government ordinances in order to meet social distancing guidelines, stay within maximum limits and improve traffic management strategies. With up-to-the-minute visibility into occupancy, you also have the information you need to optimise staffing for greater customer engagement during peak traffic times.

Other Benefits

Social Distancing Guidance

Determine shopper density and adjust occupancy thresholds to follow regional and local ordinances for social distancing. 

 Analytics, Dashboards and Alerts

Advise security teams when maximum occupancy limits have been reached with real-time alerting and reporting for occupancy compliance auditing.

Optimise Cleaning Schedules

Use real-time traffic patterns to optimise cleaning schedules for high-touch areas such as common areas, toilets or food courts.

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