Supply Chain Intelligence

Digitise your supply chain for greater agility and execution

Achieve True Unified Commerce From Source to Store

Supply chain agility starts with visibility and real-time access to data. Our supply chain analytics achieve this agility through the use of innovative TrueVUE Cloud analytics and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) merchandise tracking. These robust item-level insights enable faster distribution and more accurate order fulfilment, while enabling retailers to monitor supply chain workflows, improve decision making and ensure delivery of genuine brand products.

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  • Track and Control Inventory

    Leverage entire shipment validation with RFID-enabled, real-time inventory accuracy to confidently fulfill order commitments.

  • Extend Merchandise Availability

    Gain item-level transparency during supply chain movements between distribution and fulfillment centers to stores and customers.

  • Trace Product Origin

    Confirm product authentication to reduce brand fraud and combat counterfeiters.

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Discover how to Optimise RFID Across Your Company.

RFID is transformative for supply chains, but the benefits of this critical technology go far beyond any one stage of retail operations. For example, inventory counting can be performed faster, more frequently and more accurately with RFID than with traditional methods – leading to a significant reduction in out-of-stocks and markdowns. In our white paper, Understanding Real-World ROI for RFID in Retail, we discuss all this and break down the real-world return on investment (ROI) of RFID by examining the mechanisms that create benefits, the criteria that make categories suitable, as well as field result examples.

Download our white paper, Understanding Real-World ROI for RFID in Retail, to learn about the end-to-end value of RFID.

End-to-end solution from one responsible party

Sensormatic Solutions' Service Bureau manages the serialisation, production, customisation, and distribution of personalised (printed and encoded) RFID tags and labels to retailers and their manufacturer. This ensures accurate tracking and inventory control throughout the supply chain.

Learn more about how our Service Bureau offering can improve your operational workflows.
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