How retailers can leverage their video technology to create a richer retail experience

Advances in video technology and improved integration between devices provide access to critical data, analytics and insights at scale and in real time – empowering retailers to fight shrink, improve the shopper experience and support operational efficiencies. From powerful surveillance to cutting-edge Computer Vision Analytics, Sensormatic Solutions has the video solutions you need.

And as a top video systems integrator, we can walk you through what to look for when selecting video hardware, software and management systems. We can also recommend solutions that can be immediately applied in the retail space with your existing infrastructure, so you can launch your video infrastructure into the future today.

In this guide, you will discover how today's video technology can help to:

  • Deter opportunistic theft and organised retail crime (ORC) at the storefront, self-checkouts and other hot spots
  • Provide insights into assistant engagement and effectiveness
  • Find out who your shoppers are, what they want and whether or not you are providing it
  • Understand traffic patterns and shopper behaviour
  • Create a safe and secure environment for assistants and shoppers alike
  • ... and more!

It's time to ask: is your video infrastructure working hard enough? Download your copy to find out.

false color image of two video surveillance cameras in a retail store

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