Shrink Analyzer

Bringing intelligence to your loss deterrence strategy

Maximise profitability and combat losses with Sensormatic Solutions' Shrink Analyzer

Shrink Analyzer delivers clear sight lines into the drivers of theft, fraud and other losses, maximising the potential of Sensormatic powered RFID eco-systems. This robust cloud-based loss prevention solution provides retailers with extensive analytics and valuable perspectives on previously unexplored facets of shrink events, exposing the actual financial consequences of theft, fraud and other factors contributing to losses.

As an inventory platform agnostic application, Shrink Analyzer helps facilitate the identification of bulk theft events associated with organised retail crime (ORC) and enables better control over losses in high-theft categories, exits and zones based on location and time of day.

retail manager in brightly lit office working with store data using an electronic stylus on a tablet device

Other benefits

Fight back against ORC

Improve investigative efforts using enhanced evidence packages enabled by RFID exit system loss-event detection

Inventory platform agnostic

Compatible with any inventory management systems and business intelligent tools through our extensive API library

Extend core use cases

Fast and accurate read-points for replenishment and omni-channel processes

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