Shopper Journey

Blend accurate in-store data to help reinvent the shopper experience
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Connect the Digital Breadcrumbs Along the Path to Purchase

Understanding the shopper journey is key to impacting overall shopper behaviour. Not only do you want shoppers to come in, you want them to engage, purchase and most importantly enjoy their shopping experience. Our solution leverages people counting devices, Wi-Fi, mobile and video technology helping you understand what is happening inside your retail space.

With Shopper Journey analytics, retailers get a more holistic view of insights through a single platform. Our cross-technology integration and unique data-rich approach enables retailers to build a comprehensive picture of their customers’ movements and make better-informed business decisions for a superior shopping experience.

Provide an Immersive Shopper Experience With Digital Display Content

Data is redefining everything from how you interact with shoppers, to how, why and where shoppers make their decisions and purchases. Together with VSBLTY Groupe Technologies, Sensormatic Solutions can help enhance the guest experience with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by shopper demographics. Simultaneously, we can reveal enriched, actionable shopper insights you can use to help boost in-store sales through the delivery of context-sensitive, targeted advertising and promotional video content throughout your retail environment.

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Get Ahead of Your Consumers With Shopper Analytics

The idea that retailers need to deliver a satisfactory customer experience is not new, but in today’s data-driven world, more control has been placed in the consumers’ hands — along with heightened expectations. This means personalisation is a critical foundation for retail success and brand image. 

Learn more by downloading our white paper, "Creating Experiential Retail Along the Shopper Journey"

Sensormatic Solutions' ShopperTrak Analytics Success: Increased Sales at the Shoppes at Mandalay Place

The Shoppes at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas is a 125,000 square foot retail location that boasts a unique assortment of tenants from all across the United States. To improve operations and enhance tenant performance, Mandalay Bay partnered with Sensormatic Solutions to implement ShopperTrak Analytics. Upon providing the data to their tenants, tenants were able to improve the impact of their merchandising and promotions. The result was a near-immediate increases in sales per square foot.

mandalay bay hotel in las vegas
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Explore What's Possible Along the Shopper Journey

Discover how uniquely blending technology, data, and insights creates a clear view of the Shopper Journey.

Other Benefits

Visitor Frequency

Understand the behaviours that lead new customers to become loyal customers.

Display Effectiveness

Drive increased sales by optimising storefront window displays.

Path Analysis

Analyse paths-to-purchase to help improve store layouts and increase profits.

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