Our Retail Sustainability Story: Sensormatic Solutions by Johnson Controls

At the core of our drive for innovation, our sustainability journey began with a pledge and a long-term commitment to proactively maintain the strength of our sustainability legacy.

Sustainability is an Imperative

Once a ‘nice-to-have’ among businesses, sustainability in today’s world is now a must. A ‘business-as-usual’ stance is no longer viable. In actual fact, greater emphasis on tangible action is required as consumers increasingly embrace social causes on a more widespread global level. To align with shopper values, pursuing a sustainability agenda and its implementation is mission critical for businesses that seek to lead on this front.

Sustainability has been a driving force for Sensormatic Solutions since our inception in 1966. We have prioritised ‘Responsible Retail’ with purpose, and for the greatest impact.

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Sustainability is woven into our processes and facilities, our products, solutions and services

Sustainability starts from within and extends beyond our facilities to our customers. This helps to drive opportunities for retailers to position technology at the core of their own sustainability objectives. In so doing, it enhances value and helps to further cement shopper and brand loyalty.

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Technology and Innovation in Retail: the Core of Sustainability Initiatives

Integrating sustainability into the core of our business ecosystem includes innovative actions and steps taken for retail business operations – from the supply chain to the shop floor – which will contribute to a stronger, healthier tomorrow. This outcome relies on taking practical action now.

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Responsible Retail is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Our strategic approach to sustainability includes helping retailers and their customers meet their sustainability objectives

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For Retailers

Our solutions allow retailers to act on prescriptive, data-driven outcomes and confidently move towards a healthier future through:

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Sensormatic IQ

Unify diverse data and insights with our intelligent operating platform designed to drive improved shopper experiences and retail outcomes.

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Loss Prevention

Sensormatic empowers retailers to fight global shrink and retail crime with proven merchandise protection solutions.

  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems
  • Visual Source Tags Recirculation (VSTR) Initiative

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Inventory Intelligence

A clearer view from the global leader in RFID Inventory Intelligence.

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Perishable Product Safety

Perishable Product Safety is a configurable, innovative, and easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

For Shoppers:

Technologies are not only creating a seamless shopping experience, but a sustainable one as well. Shopper expectations of retailers and sustainability include:

  • Retailers that positively impact the environment
  • Retailers with an interest in healthy people, healthy places, and a healthy planet
  • Retailers that execute seamless, unified commerce with the right item at the right place and time

Retailers are meeting shopper expectations through:

  • Item level inventory to ensure a shopper’s trip is purposeful, knowing that their item will be in stock or ready for pick up
  • Data integration to help determine efficient shopper journeys, and reduce wasted trips to stores where staffing levels are not aligned to service demands

For Sensormatic Solutions:

We are committed to sustainability from the inside-out. Our constancy in our work on sustainability is steadfast for retailers, shoppers, and ourselves. The work is never done.

Sensormatic Solutions continuously reviews operations, facilities, and fleets to improve our environmental performance and energy management by identifying and reducing every excess. Four focus areas on this front include:

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ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 energy management and environmental management certifications

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Sustainable materials

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Service truck fleet energy efficiency

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Responsible people

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Delivering Sustainability Priorities to Future Forward Retail

As an agent of change, Sensormatic Solutions is committed to helping retailers and their consumers to advance their sustainability journeys.

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