SuperTag 4: The latest innovation by Sensormatic helps fight rising shrink in a COVID-19 world

February 02, 2021 BySensormatic News Desk


COVID-19 is having lasting impact on retailers worldwide. This global pandemic is affecting how customers shop, how retailers sell and with rising unemployment since June 2020, there has been a steady increase in shoplifting. With all of these changes, it’s becoming clear retailers should be looking to implement new technology to help fight this growing trend.

More than just a tag

SuperTag 4 is Sensormatic Solutions’ most advanced anti-theft solution to date to help proactively and effectively fight growing shrink in high-value merchandise categories.

Designed using a remarkable new technology for our highest level of anti-theft protection, this hard tag features a unique patented locking mechanism that makes it more challenging for shoplifters and Organised Retail Crime (ORC) groups to defeat. For even more security, SuperTag 4 hard tags can only be removed by Sensormatic SuperTag 4 detachers.

Turn data into action

SuperTag 4 can be connected to our Sensormatic SMaaS analytics platform for insights that can help identify possible internal theft, training gaps, peak usage times, how many tags are detached, and more. Combined with our analytics platform, we can help you create a smarter, more effective loss prevention program.

“Our SuperTag 4 is uniquely designed to give retailers powerful, business critical insights to help reduce both internal and external shrink. With integrated technology built-in, the products, we’re ensuring that our customer’s merchandise is more protected than ever before,” says Craig Szklany, vice president, global solutions management, Sensormatic Solutions.

Additionally, the dual-technology Acousto Magnetic (AM)/Radio Frequency Technology (RFID) SuperTag 4 seamlessly integrates with your existing inventory management solutions to help deliver a frictionless shopping experience in self-checkout areas.

Experience the SuperTag 4 difference

The SuperTag 4 family is continuously expanding to help protect more high-risk merchandise, while providing quick and efficient checkout. The SuperTag 4 line will include AM-only hard tags, dual-tech AM/RFID hard tags, power and handheld detachers, an InFuzion tag and more. View the full portfolio here.


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