UK Retail: Shopper Sentiment Report 2023

Following a turbulent 2022, 2023 commenced on a sluggish note in the UK. The year so far has witnessed persistent challenges, including heightened cost of living pressures, stubbornly high inflation rates, and continued disruptions due to strikes.

Moreover, the retail industry is grappling with substantial hurdles in 2023 as shoppers face shrinking disposable incomes, leading to smaller shopping baskets. The sector is also contending with pressing issues such as retail theft and instances of violence against retail employees.

Sensormatic Solutions has been closely examining the unfolding developments in the UK retail market and shopper sentiments over the past five years to identify patterns of change and identify emerging behaviours that may become habitual.

This report delves into:

  • The impact on retail footfall and shopping patterns in the UK
  • Key findings derived from Sensormatic's previous shopper sentiment studies conducted in September 2020, September 2021, September 2022, and the latest one in September 2023, which analyse the evolving landscape of customer behaviour and attitudes
  • An examination of key shoppers through a generational lens

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