See You in Düsseldorf:
Looking Toward EuroShop 2023

February 17, 2023


As EuroShop 2023, which will take place from 26 February – 2 March of this year, draws near, our team is gearing up to share what we’ve been working on with our colleagues from around the world. But first, we wanted to share a little bit of our inspiration with you.

Making connections and listening to the industry’s needs is the backbone of Sensormatic Solutions business. When designing new solutions, we draw from trends we see in the industry and the challenges our customers share with the team. We design technologies that bridge gaps across retail to deliver real-time insights into every aspect of operations, driving individual enterprises and the industry at large forward.

Here’s what we’ve noticed is on retailers’ minds as we head into the world’s largest retail trade fair — and how we’re working to help businesses address these pressing challenges:

  • Loss prevention and liability: Loss prevention has always been at top of mind for retailers, but it’s become even more important as supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages continue. With fewer sales assistants on the floor and uncertain delivery timelines, keeping track of shrink can be a difficult task. Our shrink management and visibility tools give insights that empower retailers to identify sources of shrink and take action to fix it.

  • Inventory intelligence: Having insight into what’s on shelves and what’s out of stock is crucial to seamless omnichannel operations and promotional programmes. Without a reliable source of truth for inventory information, retailers have no way to ensure that sales made via Click & Collect programmes are in stock — and that can lead to dissatisfied customers and lost sales.

    Sensormatic Solutions RFID-based inventory intelligence system can connect shopper activity data, shrink analytics, merchandise availability, item-level tracking tools, and more to help retail locations get a clear picture of what they have and where to find it, mitigating out-of-stocks and other barriers to sales. It can also give insights into supply chain operations and other relevant metrics to provide a comprehensive view of inventory at the location and enterprise level, reducing stockouts and increasing inventory accuracy.

  • Operational excellence: As customer expectations rise, having reliable and comprehensive omnichannel programmes in place will become increasingly crucial to success. What many retailers don’t realise is successful omnichannel experiences are linked to the efficiency and accuracy of operations data. Having reliable data is the only way to ensure that operations are running smoothly and deliver shopping experiences that meet modern customers’ needs.

    Operational excellence tools, like those offered by Sensormatic Solutions, can help retailers make the most of store data to streamline every part of a retail enterprise. They also offer insights into labour allocation, empowering retailers with manage team members’ time and minimise labour spending while boosting productivity.

    Sensormatic Solutions recent collaboration with Zliide seeks to improve experiences by remedying a key pain point for modern shoppers: self-checkout. Although many consumers see it as a more convenient option relative to a staffed checkout, they still note that long wait times and legacy technology impedes the process. Our vision for the next era of self-checkout, which keeps merchandise protected with anti-theft hard tags, intends to enable a truly convenient mobile checkout experience and open the door to new data streams for brick-and-mortar retailers.

  • Shopper experience: All of the above come together to help retailers deliver better experiences for customers — but only if they understand how their customers think and shop. Our Shopper engagement and behaviour analytics — like dwell time in a zone, demographic categorisation, shopper sentiments, conversion rate, and average transaction size — can all help retailers get to know their base and tailor stores to their needs.

If you want to see our solutions first-hand, make sure to stop by Hall 6, Stand C01 — or visit our EuroShop webpage to schedule a meeting ahead of time. If you aren’t able to make it to the show, our virtual Innovation Experience can give you a taste of Sensormatic Solutions technology online. Explore our suite of solutions online to see how we turn data into insights and insights into strategic, impactful actions that fast-forward retail.

To learn more about how Sensormatic Solutions digital offerings lead the future of retail, follow #SensormaticEuroShop2023 on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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