Using Inventory Data to Power Improved Retail Operations

May 07, 2023


TrueVUE Cloud makes it easier for global retail enterprises to reach and maintain inventory accuracy and fulfil customers across all channels – in-store, Click & Collect, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) deliveries

As customer preferences have shifted towards personalisation and digitally enhanced experiences, the importance of taking a strategic and data-led approach to stock management has increased accordingly. Knowing where merchandise is, how it is moving and how shoppers are interacting with it is critical to success in this market, and retailers need powerful insights to make it happen. This need has driven innovation in retail technology, encouraging product teams to pursue solutions that provide a single source of truth to support unified commerce with real-time data.

It is increasingly the case that this goal is within reach. Through a combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors, cloud-based records, integrated data lakes and next-generation analytics, many retailers are now able to make that vision a reality. Connected retail ecosystems can now highlight, record and contextualise everything that is happening on the sales floor, throughout the supply chain and in stock rooms, putting the data that fuels improved operations at retailers’ fingertips.

Sensormatic Solutions has long been a leader in this pursuit, with the brand’s integrated, RFID-based inventory intelligence portfolio. TrueVUE Cloud software serves as an all-in-one option for retailers who want to streamline and optimise their companies. Our product teams have been working hard and in tandem with our customers to deliver enhancements and to help more retailers to realise the power of their data.

These new enhancements include:

  • Open API capabilities for custom applications and simpler integrations.

    TrueVUE Cloud was developed with an application programming interface (API)-first design to support simplicity and accessibility for retailers that have already made investments in retail technology platforms and programs. Recent enhancements to the software take that even further, making the solution even easier to integrate with retailers’ existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), point-of-sale (POS) and other enterprise systems via API and connectors.

    These changes, which include an enhanced TrueVUE Cloud Developers Portal and the newest and most advanced API gateway management tools, enable a more seamless and tailored integration. In TrueVUE Cloud’s newest iteration, retailers can expect increased customisation and flexibility options to integrate data from multiple sources and to gain a comprehensive view of everything from stock to labour allocation, shrink rates and more.

    ‘TrueVUE Cloud offers straightforward API tools that offer retailers easy integration into their software stack,’ said Pedro França, solutions management Director of Inventory Intelligence at Sensormatic Solutions. ‘It provides our customers with the visibility to analyse collections of descriptive and complex data sets, empowering them to identify emerging trends and areas of opportunity for improvement.’

  • SOC 2 compliance ensures secure data to streamline financial auditing.

    aicpa soc certification logoThe latest TrueVUE Cloud software has improved reliability and security features which are bolstered by Sensormatic Solutions’ newly-attained SOC 2 compliance certification (SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2). The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) SOC 2 guidance is the gold standard for cloud-based accounting and auditing security. The process evaluates vendors’ data security practices, including compliance relating to how the data is stored and transmitted, to determine whether users can leverage data compiled by these vendors’ programs for reporting purposes. With Sensormatic Solutions now recognised among certified vendors, retailers using the newest version of TrueVUE Cloud for RFID-based item-level stock management can be confident that their data is secure. This also allows them to use their most recent hand-held counts for financial audits, easing the labour burdens associated with end-of-year reporting.

    ‘Our recent SOC 2 Type 2 certification will give retailers the peace of mind that working with Sensormatic Solutions ensures that their data meets the highest standards of AICPA's SOC compliance – and it’s going to help us to serve our retail partners in exciting new ways,’ said Jamie Kress, inventory intelligence and digital solutions leader at Sensormatic Solutions. ‘Knowing that their RFID data is securely stored and transmitted offers retailers peace of mind. Additionally, the ability to leverage RFID inventory data for audits will reduce or eliminate the need for costly and arduous annual physical counts, helping retailers to allocate workers more effectively and allowing employees to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.’

  • Google Cloud Marketplace listing to ease barriers to adoption.

    TrueVUE Cloud is now listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace to facilitate seamless onboarding and provisioning. Offering TrueVUE via this channel will reduce the time it takes to subscribe to company software and simplify procurement and contract processes, shortening adoption timelines. This is especially true for retailers already leveraging Google Cloud for their tech stack, as they can use existing Marketplace funds to subscribe to TrueVUE’s cloud-based platform.

    ‘With TrueVUE Cloud listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace, customers have accelerated purchasing power by leveraging Google Cloud spending dollars to simplify vendor management, consolidate IT spending and apply cloud spending commitments,’ said Mark Gonzales, solution manager at Sensormatic Solutions. ‘Customers can access the Google Cloud Marketplace today for quick TrueVUE Cloud onboarding via private offer or simply to request more information about TrueVUE Cloud.’

While the above represent a few milestone achievements in the advancement of inventory intelligence solution TrueVUE Cloud, it is by no means an exhaustive list. TrueVUE Cloud has so much more to offer, and Sensormatic Solutions is committed to partnering with technology-led retailers at the forefront of the inventory journey and continuing to enhance the product for retailers, now and in the future. Retail companies will continue to adapt these tools and integrate new data streams to supercharge the impact of their cloud-based ecosystems, and the innovative applications they discover will help to guide what comes next.

After all, solutions like TrueVUE Cloud are just the tools of the trade – retailers are the craftsmen. They will decide how these tools can be used to capture, interpret and capitalise on the comprehensive insights, identifying ways to improve shopper journeys along the way.

To find out more about how TrueVUE Cloud and RFID technology can help to maximise merchandise availability and elevate shopper experiences, visit our Inventory Visibility landing page or contact us today.


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