Traffic and its Value for Every Function

For certain leaders within retail organizations, the benefits of collecting retail traffic data are clear. For example, a store manager knows that a sales boost during power hours signals that staffing and foot traffic are successfully aligned.

Yet, not all of traffic data’s benefits are so easily apparent, which can make it difficult for traffic champions to obtain cross-functional buy-in.

To lay out the benefits that this type of retail data can provide to many departments, we’ve created “The Retailer’s Guide to Using Traffic Data Cross-Functionally.”

Check out the guide to learn about KPIs, use cases, and the overall impact that traffic can have on shopping trends in multiple departments. For instance, you’ll see how…

  • Changing schedules to put more employees on the floor during power hours, and moving non-selling activities (such as, restocking and maintenance) to slower foot traffic periods can lead to a 10.5% up-tick in same-store sales
  • Tracking foot traffic in predetermined store zones helps you understand the effect that new store layouts can have on shopping trends
  • Zeroing in on specific metrics — such as pass-by traffic, draw rate, and dwell time — let you analyze a promotion’s effectiveness

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