Loss Prevention & Retail Performance Solutions Drive Excellence

Take charge of your retail environment with genuine Sensormatic brand Loss Prevention (LP) and Retail Performance solutions. Today over 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers use Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic brand Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Source Tagging, traffic and inventory solutions to reduce loss, improve store operations and enhance the shopper experience.

Tyco Retail Solutions provides you with solutions featuring components that work uniquely together to provide optimal merchandise protection, drive down shrink and preserve your bottom-line profits. Our systems are built on high performance acousto-magnetic (AM) technology, one of the most reliable anti-shoplifting technologies in the retail industry. Our advanced detection technology protects wider exits, identifies jammer devices and booster bags and maximizes performance with virtually no false alarms. You can count on our systems as a strong visual deterrent for potential shoplifters, as well as helping to prevent organized crime.

Our next-generation AM/Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware solutions are designed to enable significant operational improvements. With the dual AM/RFID solution, you gain proven performance AM shrink deterrence and control combined with RFID to effectively address daily challenges related to inventory accuracy, out-of-stocks, item location, internal shrink, vendor fraud and much more. Dual AM/RFID hardware solutions offer item-level inventory visibility and security to optimize product availability and improve existing store operations.

You can extend the value of EAS beyond loss prevention with Sensormatic's traffic hardware, essential to capturing shopper traffic and estimating the sales opportunities that enter a retail store. Equally important is revealing the store’s ability to convert shoppers into customers. Traffic sensors provide you with an arsenal of real-time metrics such as conversion rates (percentage of visitors who take the desired action to purchase), in addition to labor effectiveness, shopper paths, promotions execution and display interactions. Sensormatic Traffic hardware solutions are a vital part of maximizing a store’s performance and increasing profits.