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Make sense of your traffic data and maximize selling opportunities
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Measure and Benchmark Traffic and Shopper Data to Help Optimize Operations and Enhance the Customer Experience

Retail stores and large venues need predictive retail analytics with a clear, reliable view of traffic data to help make informed decisions that drive sales. Sensormatic Solutions aggregates powerful sets of data into one centralized location so you can make sense of what is happening — and why — in your retail category, market, and store within seconds.

Built with continuously evolving customer driven feedback, ShopperTrak Analytics is part of the Sensormatic IQ operating platform, providing accurate insights into labor and store performance optimization, marketing effectiveness, merchandise planning and property investments. By incorporating broader property and enterprise-wide analytics, you can convert diverse data sets into actionable insights and create a superior shopping experience.

Exclude Staff Movements From Store Counts

Sensormatic Solutions utilizes traffic data collected by overhead people counting devices to help you boost engagement and drive conversion and profitability. Our Employee Exclusion solution works to remove staff movements from store traffic counts, allowing you to calculate more precise conversion rates and measure how effective your staff is in engaging shoppers. 

Learn more about the benefits of accurate store counts using Employee Exclusion
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Know Store Occupancy Changes in Real Time

Sensormatic Solutions’ Occupancy solution helps you to accurately understand shopper density within your store. We can help you follow local or government ordinances to meet social distancing guidelines, stay within maximum limits, and improve traffic management strategies. With up-to-the-minute visibility into occupancy, you will have the information you need to optimize staffing and provide greater customer engagement during peak traffic times.

Discover how the visibility our Occupancy Solution provides can help all aspects of traffic management

Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences and Selling Effectiveness

Sensormatic Solutions has partnered with HappyOrNot®, a real-time customer feedback management company that provides awareness into when, where and why your customers were satisfied with their shopping experience. This collaboration, called Brand Vitality Meter, brings together the expertise of both companies to deliver exceptional insights from solutions that optimize customer experiences that drive business growth.

See how this collaboration can drive performance and uncover valuable in-store opportunities
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Grow In-Store Sales with Traffic Data 

 Discover how Sensormatic Solutions' simple matrix system can identify best practices for actionable growth.

 Download the eBook, Traffic Analytics in Action - Benchmarking for Success

Analytics in Action: The Jack Willis Success Story

In 2018, British lifestyle and fashion brand, Jack Willis, partnered with Sensormatic Solutions to upgrade their traffic counting infrastructure with the goal to improve conversion rates. They implemented a six-week incentive scheme in 12 stores over the busiest shopping season of the year: the six-week Christmas season. The result? The pilot stores' sales and conversion rate increased 39% and 52%, respectively, over the rest of the estate.

Read our Jack Willis Case Study to learn more about the strategy, implementation, and success of the incentive scheme
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Other Benefits

Analytics as a Service

Slice and dice data from any source to make business decisions from our cloud-based technology. 

Understanding Big Data

Explore and visualize integrated data sets to quickly discover insights and create meaningful changes.

Customized Reporting

From small retailers to large venues, view the key performance indicators (KPIs) most relevant to your unique business needs. 

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