Brand Vitality Meter

Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences and Selling Effectiveness

Evaluate Customer Satisfaction’s Influence on Key Performance Indicators

Brand Vitality Meter enables your stores to merge customer feedback data collected from HappyOrNot® Smiley Touch™, Smiley Terminals™ or Smiley Digital™ devices with Sensormatic Solutions’ metrics, empowering them to gather valuable insights on key performance indicators. This holistic approach allows your stores to comprehend the impact of customer satisfaction scores on crucial metrics such as sales, conversion rate, and average transaction size. Through this comprehensive understanding, managers can make informed decisions that optimize business operations and enhance their overall performance.

female shopper providing feedback at a happyornot kiosk tablet in a retail store

Other Benefits

Shopper Sentiment

Know what shoppers think of your brand and store experience

Customer Experience

Elevate the customer experience through better alignment of labor to traffic

Store Performance

Understand how customer satisfaction impacts the performance of the stores

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