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Front-of-store logistics are a top-of-mind issue for retailers. The number of moving pieces — like checkout, traffic, and omnichannel fulfillment — introduces opportunities for loss and inefficiencies. Our family of Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) detection systems can help. The combination of reliable anti-shoplifting technology with item-level analytics keeps merchandise secure and provides item-level inventory visibility — even alerting associates to theft events in real time. Since store atmosphere is integral to a desirable shopper experience, we provide storefront systems to match any store aesthetic. The bottom line: AM/RFID detection systems can help drive favorable storefront business outcomes that improve operations, increase product availability, and enhance the customer experience.

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  • Pedestal Systems

    Pedestal detection systems offered by Sensormatic Solutions provide reliable protection for a variety of exits, aesthetics, and storefront requirements.

  • Discreet Systems

    Discreet detection systems like overhead or door-frame mounted antenna systems provide the protection needed without compromising aesthetic or traffic flow.

  • Video Integration

    Our detection systems can integrate with video technologies for enhanced shrink analytics and insights.

sensormatic rfid only doormax

RFID Only Door-Max

This RFID based EAS system gives retailers the ability to know what went missing and when, for clearer insight into theft as it happens at the storefront. The system supports doorways up to 2.0m (6.6ft) and features a highly customizable audible, and visual alarm to notify store personnel of theft events.

  • Discreet design that blends into any store entrance yet visible to notify sales associates of loss events
  • Pinpoint vulnerable store areas with EPC item-level loss event reports on when, what and how many items go missing
  • Configurable state-of-the-art color LED light and customizable audible indicators immediately notify store associates of alarm events
  • Advanced accurate alarming technology enables highly reliable alarms to create a pleasant shopping experience
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sensormatic rfid overhead 360

RFID Overhead 360°

Sensormatic's RFID Overhead 360° delivers visibility into inventory and shrink level analytics. This overhead solution is a discreet alternative to traditional EAS pedestals while providing wide exit coverage in a smaller footprint.

  • Provides discreet and scalable anti-theft protection for non-pedestal based storefronts
  • Enables insights into item-level visibility and loss events
  • Installs easily with pole mounting
  • Can be cascaded to almost any exit width
  • Complements store appearance; ideal for open ceilings, curved architecture and clean-line storefronts
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sensormatic synergy rfid 2_5m abs pedestal system

Sensormatic Synergy RFID 2.5m ABS Pedestal System

The Sensormatic Synergy RFID 2.5m ABS Pedestal system combines Acousto Magnetic and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to provide inventory and shrink visibility. This provides Electronic Product Code (EPC) item-level insights for the storefront.

  • Pinpoint vulnerable store areas with EPC item-level loss event reports on when, what and how many items go missing
  • Improve loss prevention decision-making with insights into shrink events and value of stolen items
  • Replenish out-of-stocks rapidly with real-time, item-level reports of missing items
  • Proactively identify and manage new shoplifting trends
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Synergy RFID Retrofit Panel

Synergy RFID Retrofit Panel

This easy-to-install upgrade delivers Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to existing Acousto-Magnetic (AM) systems to provide shrink and inventory visibility, in addition to protecting Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) infrastructure.

  • Provides a simple, cost-effective RFID upgrade to compatible AM pedestals
  • Protects EAS infrastructure investment and delivers advanced RFID functionality
  • Complements proven, reliable AM EAS technology with advanced RFID capabilities for item-level intelligence
  • Provides true directional sensing of RFID tag movement using beamsteering technology at exits, transition areas, or zones
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Synergy Camera

Sensormatic Synergy Camera

Enhance compatible Sensormatic Synergy Detection systems with video surveillance capabilities for real-time insight into loss events.

  • Mounts on pedestal for a direct line of sight into real-time alarm events
  • Enables easy identification of unique loss events with alarm time stamp
  • Improves real-time response to shrinkage control
  • Delivers HD quality images of potential theft events in real time to improve associate response times
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RFID Overhead EAS System

Sensormatic RFID Overhead EAS System

The RFID Overhead EAS System is a discreet alternative to traditional pedestal or concealed EAS floor systems.

  • Provides discreet and scalable anti-theft protection for non-pedestal based applications
  • Protects a variety of store entrances, can be cascaded from a single door to any width exit
  • Addresses all store exit variations including options for ceiling mounting, suspended mounting and hidden behind ceilings
  • Compliments store appearances with premium acrylic covers; ideal for open ceilings, curved architecture and clean-line storefronts
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Take the Fight to Shrink With Innovative Technologies

When it comes to shrink, the newest, most cutting-edge systems aren’t just detecting it — they’re giving retailers the information and tools to go on the offensive. Sensormatic Solutions' innovative shrink offering — Shrink Visibility — provides item-level data and detailed analytics that retailers can use to make strategic decisions for successful loss prevention and inventory management.

Download our Shrink Visibility white paper, The Power of Integrating Item-Level RFID and Loss Prevention
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