Use the power of data to drive efficiency, profitability and unforgettable shopper experiences.

Data and technology are redefining how customers shop and how retailers engage with shoppers. Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers harness data across the entire retail enterprise to deliver exceptional shopper experiences and increase operational excellence.

From shopper traffic to shrink management to inventory control, retail data is being collected like never before. Our suite of Analytics Solutions is designed to provide insights that deliver positive retail outcomes and reshape retailers' operations.

Enable retailers to harness data and turn insights into actionable outcomes.
Analytics delivered via an open architecture that provides a comprehensive view of all data through a single platform.
Machine learning-based IoT solutions that deliver on advanced analytics and prescriptive insights.

Manage Shrink More Strategically

Preventing loss requires proactive measures—taking steps to anticipate crime and to help stop it before it strikes. That’s the power Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) gives you, by supplying insights and analytics that help you prevent shrink by recognizing its patterns. This new cloud-based solution even conducts real-time equipment monitoring of your systems.

Sensormatic shrink management as a service
Data analytics in retail for customer experience

Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

It’s the key to both driving profits and delivering a seamless in-store experience: retailers must have the right number of store associates on-hand to match the volume of shoppers. Traffic data can be used to strategically plan your associates’ schedules and maximize selling potential. 

Leverage Retail Data Across the Operation

Ready to understand your floor inventory and maintain it more efficiently? Our solutions were designed to help you make smart, strategic decisions by marrying data across the enterprise. Our analytics teams are tackling retail's toughest issues, like correlating sell-through rates with zone traffic and customer-to-associate engagement times, to improve shopper experience and sales. We're pushing to revolutionize with the availability of real-time sensor data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate new insights and continue to drive actionable outcomes for retailers.

Retail store analytics

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